DRD was founded by Jaimy Hancroft in late 2007, starting out with prims and sculpting and texturing. She continues to be the driving force behind the brands creative direction and identity.

In 2013 Jaimy’s real life sister, Eowyn Swords, started creating most of the meshes for DRD and became a co-owner august 2014.

In September of 2016, Jaimy’s long time friend, Morbid Deceit joined in the party as animator and manager of the brand. Morbid became a co-owner in early 2017 and began creating her own mesh and texturing shortly after.

With Eowyn’s talent for big builds , Jaimy’s mesh and texturing combined with Morbid’s inworld management and product development, DRD has now become a cool quirky yet established shop in SL.

Thank you to all the customers for the ongoing support and watching us grow <3 feel free to say hi to any of us at any time!

Click here to visit the DRD store inworld.